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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brown seamless aluminium gutter

Today we fitted brown eavemaster soffit, brown eavemaster fascia, and brown seamless aluminium gutter to a semi detached house in Clondalkin.
The house was getting a little weather beaten with the gable end getting battered by the elements and needed paining annualy.
It made sense to get the building protected from the weather and at the same time match the fascia and soffit with the brown windows and doors.
The job looked very well when finished and the client is delighted.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Doing it right first time makes sense

We traveled to templeogue today to re do a job that was done by others.
the client had a job of white soffit, fascia and gutters installed by a "company" who had knocked on his door.
Unfortunately the work was less than perfect and the materials used were cheap and poorly fitted, ending up with leaking and over flowing gutters.
The client was so annoyed that he warned his neighbours not to allow these people near their property.
He called us to ask us to re install decent materials with decent fittings that would last the test of time, and snow.
We removed all the existing soffit, fascia, gutters.
We also removed a cut down eaves skirt that was cut down and shoved under the tiles to fool the owner into thinking he was getting a professional job done.
Absolute scammers!
The clients are happy now, as you can see we fitted white eavemaster soffit, fascia. with a white seamless aluminium gutter to give a clean line with no joints or visible brackets.
We fitted the soffit and fascia using non rust fixings, and the gutter using hidden hangers with screws not the seven inch nails so ofter seen.
For more information Call the owner Bernard Hill on 087 6798 691, or email me at guttermancan@gmail.com, or visit the website at www.gutterman.ie

Friday, August 20, 2010

blue aluminium fascia, soffit, gutters in killester dublin

The last few days we spent fitting blue aluminium fascia, blue aluminium soffit, and blue aluminium gutters to a house in killester in dublin.
It was a large semi detached house with extensions to the rear so there was quite a bit of guttering to be done.
The blue aluminium soffit, fascia, gutters was unusual, it was a ral no 5007.
A bit like a police station blue.
We used a half round cast aluminium gutter and round downpipes.
It lookes well when finished and the owner is delighted.
For more information see the gutterman website at www.gutterman.ie or phone the owner; Bernard Hill at 087 6798 691.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

seamless gutters in ranelagh

Today we installed black upvc fascia, black upvc soffit and black seamless aluminium gutters in ranelagh dublin.
We had previously installed white aluminium soffit, white aluminium fascia and white aluminium seamless gutters to the neighbours house; so the word of mouth referance system works if you do a decent job.
The owner is very happy with the job and that is our aim every time.
Our website can be viewed at www.gutterman.ie and Bernard Hill the owner can be contacted on 087 6798691

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

cream fascia and soffit in Rathfarnham

Over the last few days you may have seen the Gutterman Vans around the rathfarnham area,
We had the pleasure of matching up cream windows in a house with cream upvc soffit and cream upvc fascia.
The job turned out well, the cream windows were a ral no 1009 and matched up perfectly with the cream fascia and cream soffit.
The owners were delighted and that's what makes it worthwhile.
For more information about cream upvc fascia, and cream upvc soffit call Bernard on 87 6798 691
or visit the website www.gutterman.ie

Thursday, August 5, 2010

gutterman news: replacement of fascia boards

gutterman news: replacement of fascia boards

replacement of fascia boards

This week we carried out a full replacement job on a semi detached house in dundrum.
We removed all the wooden fascia and soffit, and replaced the fascia with an 18mm solid white upvc fascia.
We replace the wooden soffit with a vented solid 10mm upvc soffit.
We fitted eave skirt to front and rear eaves, this is to ensure that any rain infiltration is directed into the gutter and does not end up soaking the rafters causing rot.

You can see in the image how the roof tiles are pushed back and the eave skirt or tray is pushed up under the roof felt.

Notice the thickness of the upvc fascia that is used in the full replacement work compared to the much thinner 10mm or 8mm upvc fascia used in the standard cap over job.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

repairing poor work

Today we spent most of the day repairing the work of others,
We were asked to replace the black pvc fascia on the gable end of a large house in Rathfarnham.

When we got there we could see that the black pvc fascia was fitted using inferior nails, It was not sealed against water infiltration and was hanging off and some had blown down.

What had happened was; the black pvc fascia had expanded with the heat of the sun, and because of the poor fixings it had warped and pulled on the nails,
The wind caught it then and broke it free to fly in the air landing in the garden.

We fitted new fascia using the proper fixings and sealing it against water infiltration.

This time it will stay up.
087 6798 691