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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There's No Gutters Like Snow Gutters!

We at gutterman supply and fit pvc soffit, fascia and gutters in dublin.
We also fit aluminium gutters, snow gutters which are especially designed to allow snow to fall from the roof and not pull the gutters from the fascia board.
they also prevent leaves and debris gathering in the gutter.
This gutter is made from heavy duty aluminium colour coded to suit any house, It is a sturdy gutter guaranteed to last a lifetime.
If you need a good quality long lasting gutter that requires no maintenance, this is the one for you.
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If you have any questions; please call Bernard Hill at 087 6798 691 and I would be happy to assist.

Bernard Hill
Owner: Gutterman.ie

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Full replacement job in dublin

We done a full replacement job on Collins avenue this week. We started on Monday and finished today Thursday.
We removed all the wooden fascia and soffit, and replaced it with a heavy gauge PVC soffit and fascia. The client wanted to make sure not to just cover over the existing wooden fascia and soffit, but to remove it right down to the rafters, we also fitted underfelt support tray all round.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Electric Gutters in Rathfarnham

We came across a strange thing today.. an electrified gutter, We were fitting black soffit fascia and gutters to a house in rathfarnham dublin and were asked by a neighbour to repair his gutter, when doing the repair one of the lads put his hand in the gutter and got an electric shock that nearly knocked him off the ladder.
the gutter and the water in it was live! what had happened was one of the electric cables going into one of the houses on the block must have connected to the metal gutters or downpipes and made the whole lot live, It's very dangerous and could cause a fire in the future if it's not fixed.
We told the owner if he smells fried chicken to check his gutters for dead birds.
Seriously it's a job for the esb.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

black aluminium gutters with black pvc fascia and soffit in dublin

We fitted black aluminium gutters to black pvc fascia and soffit in dublin today and it rurned out very well.
The colour matches well and the flat back on the gutter sits neatly against the pvc fascia.
I would recommend it
Try my website www.gutterman.ie Bernard Hill.

Black fascia soffit gutter in dublin

Today we fitted black PVC soffit fascia, black seamless aluminium gutter in clondalkin in Dublin.
It was on a semi detached house.
We used eavemaster soffit and fascia, and seamless gutters.