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Friday, July 30, 2010

setting up in artane

this is the gutterman fleet setting up to do a black pvc soffit and fascia with a black seamless aluminium gutter on a house in artane.
It is a normal semi detached house with a small extension at the rear, this type of house would normally take a day to do a cap over job on.
If a full replacement job was required it would take approximately three days.

white eavemaster supreme gutter on white eavemaster fascia

Today we fitted white eavemaster soffit and fascia with white eavemaster supreme gutters to a bungalow in palmerstown.
It was a job that need a lot of timber changing first but was handy because of the height.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No More Blocked Gutters

Here we see a black seamless aluminium gutter fitted with an integral leaf guard, this adds strength to the gutter as well as preventing leaves and debris building up in the gutter.
Supplied and installed by Gutterman.ie

leaf guard on gutter

blocked or leaking gutters? overflowing downpipes?
These can be caused by leaves and other debris landing on the roof and ending up in the gutter and blocking the outlets.
There is a solution! and one way is to fit a leaf guard when fitting new gutters or a leaf guard retro fitted onto existing gutters.www.gutterman.ie

Look no joints

Today we fitted one of the longest continueous gutters we have ever fitted, It was 70 feet long which is three times the length of the normal seme detached house.
As you can see it is formed in one long piece so there are no joints to worry about leaking in the future.
We fitted it with a leaf guard to prevent it clogging up in the future, The leaf guard also helps to strengthen the gutter as it's fitted as an integral part.

Monday, July 26, 2010

white seamless aluminium gutters in glencairn

This is the house we done today, We fitted white upvc eavemaster vented soffit, white upvc eavemaster 10mm fascia, white seamless aluminium gutters.
check out the website at www.gutterman.ie
or call Bernard Hill on 087 6798 691

Saturday, July 24, 2010

choosing soffit, fascia, guttering

A question we are most often asked is what would you recommend! The answer can be different for each type of house and the area in which it's located.
For instance; The first thing I tell the client is that we do all sorts and types of fascia, soffit, and gutters, We stock upvc fascia, aluminium fascia, upvc soffit, aluminium soffit, upvc gutters, aluminium gutters, cast aluminium gutters, cast iron gutters.
with dark coloured upvc gutters we often find over time that a gap has appeared between the joints, this is usually caused by the heat of the sun causing the upvc gutter to expand and contract making it creep from the joint, so sometimes the aluminium gutter is preferable in this case.

We also stock aluminium downpipes, cast iron downpipes, and upvc downpipes.
We hold such a stock so that we can give the client a choice without trying to sell any particular type, that way the client can choose without pressure and we can give an honest opinion.
For instance; a seamless aluminium gutter could be the correct choice where there is a long run of gutter required, because we can roll out the gutter to the correct length thereby removing the need for joiners which in turn removes the risk of leaks in the future.
On the other hand: if the house has several corners and short runs it might be desirable to use upvc gutters.
check out the website www.gutterman.ie

With soffit and fascia there is a choice of upvc or aluminium.
The advantage of upvc over aluminium in this case is that the upvc comes in 5 metre lengths therebye reducing the amount of joints as the aluminium fascia comes in three metre lengths.
however if the client wants a fascia that is environmentaly friendly then the aluminium fascia would be the choice as aluminium is a 100% re-cycleable material,
also the coloured aluminium never fades where the upvc can eventually fade especially the dark colours where they are exposed to the sun.
check out the website www.gutterman.ie

The aluminium soffit comes pre vented so that can be an advantage over the pvc, but the pvc does not conduct electricity so where there are cables it is preferrable.
If you have any questions about gutters, soffit,fascia, or would like a quote you can call Bernard Hill on 087 6798 691 or email guttermancan@gmail.com
check out the website www.gutterman.ie

Monday, July 19, 2010

Full replacement fascia and soffit

Full replacement of fascia and soffit with 18mm PVC is the permanent solution
To rotting boards.
Check out the website

rained off today try again tomorrow

We should be doing white upvc soffit and fascia with white eavemaster supreme upvc gutters on a house in firhouse today! But the weather this morning at seven o clock made it impossible.
We postponed it until tuesday weather permitting.
We will be using white eavemaster supreme fascia soffit and guttering because they are a perfect colour match and the gutters give a good seal.
Here's hoping the weather is kind to us tomorrow!
Bernard Hill
check us out at www.gutterman.ie

gutterman news: black seamless aluminium gutters on black pvc fascia

gutterman news: black seamless aluminium gutters on black pvc fascia

black seamless aluminium gutters on black pvc fascia

On saturday we fitted black seamless aluminium gutters onto black pvc fascia and the result was perfect, the advantage of the black seamless gutters is the colour fastness of the black compared to black pvc gutters.
because of the direct sunlight the pvc gutters would in time fade to a grey colour around the edges, where the aluminium keeps the colour permanently, Also the pvc comes in short lengths and is inclined to expand and contract with temperature change, and it can "creep" from the joiners causing leaks

Thursday, July 15, 2010

seamless in sandyford

Today we fit white seamless gutters to pvc fascia on a row of houses in sandyford.
it's a large run of houses so the seamless gutters will look very well.
I hope the weather stays kind to us.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rained on in Clondalkin

Today we had just to return to Bushfield in Clondalkin to finish off a house we started on friday but due to the weather we had to postpone until today.
It is a semi detached house with an apex roof with a small apex to the front also.
The client wanted white supreme upvc gutters to the front and rear upper levels.
It turned out well and the client is happy, and that's the most important thing to us.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

cowboys in artane

You would never quess what happened today, I get a call from a distressed client asking me to come over to his address in artane to price replaceing gutters on his house.
I agree a time and call over to see him.

when i arrive he points up to the eaves at the front of his and his neighbours house and says "look! no gutters, I had to threaten to call the police to get rid of them".

I new immediately what had happened, These guys knock on the door, say that they are doing your neighbours gutters and will do you a good deal while they are in the area.
They have also told the same story to your neighbour.

They then get a ladder and pull down some of the guttering so that theres no going back and you can't send them away, This is there way of intimidating you into letting them carry on instead of throwing them off your property.

This man threw them off his property but that left him and his neighbour without any gutters on the front of their houses, but he said he was uncomfortable with them on his property and would put it down to experience.

These people are just chancers trying to rip off unsuspecting home owners by offering "cheap" work.

Legitimate craftsmen have to abide by the law and have insurance and registration costs, pay vat and prsi, and people think they are saving money by hiring these cowboys!
I am posting a price to repair the damage caused and I bet I will be told I'm to dear!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Thank God for white pvc

Yet another white upvc house done today, It is by far the most popular.
I prefer the black gutter on white fascia board myself.
today was the eavemaster vented soffit, ogee moulded white fascia and the eavemaster supreme upvc gutter and downpipes.
It was a mid terrace house so it didn't take to long.
The customer was happy and that is the most important thing.