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Thursday, July 8, 2010

cowboys in artane

You would never quess what happened today, I get a call from a distressed client asking me to come over to his address in artane to price replaceing gutters on his house.
I agree a time and call over to see him.

when i arrive he points up to the eaves at the front of his and his neighbours house and says "look! no gutters, I had to threaten to call the police to get rid of them".

I new immediately what had happened, These guys knock on the door, say that they are doing your neighbours gutters and will do you a good deal while they are in the area.
They have also told the same story to your neighbour.

They then get a ladder and pull down some of the guttering so that theres no going back and you can't send them away, This is there way of intimidating you into letting them carry on instead of throwing them off your property.

This man threw them off his property but that left him and his neighbour without any gutters on the front of their houses, but he said he was uncomfortable with them on his property and would put it down to experience.

These people are just chancers trying to rip off unsuspecting home owners by offering "cheap" work.

Legitimate craftsmen have to abide by the law and have insurance and registration costs, pay vat and prsi, and people think they are saving money by hiring these cowboys!
I am posting a price to repair the damage caused and I bet I will be told I'm to dear!

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