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Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow gutters

gutterman demonstrates a type of gutter that is strong enought to withstand snow loading.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

snow gutters by gutterman

Have you had trouble with the weight of snow pulling the gutters off your house?

Have you had trouble with leaves and debris blocking your gutters?

We have the answer: The snow gutter allows snow to slide off, allows water to run in while preventing leaves and debris from entering the gutter.

This is a two piece aluminium gutter designed for this purpose.
in the diagram you can see how the water flows down and into the gutter while leaves and debris are restricted and fall to the ground, The snow that has built up on the roof just slides to the ground.

Call Bernard on 087 6798 691 for more information.
or email us guttermancan@gmail.com
visit our website at www.gutterman.ie

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There's No Gutters Like Snow Gutters!

We at gutterman supply and fit pvc soffit, fascia and gutters in dublin.
We also fit aluminium gutters, snow gutters which are especially designed to allow snow to fall from the roof and not pull the gutters from the fascia board.
they also prevent leaves and debris gathering in the gutter.
This gutter is made from heavy duty aluminium colour coded to suit any house, It is a sturdy gutter guaranteed to last a lifetime.
If you need a good quality long lasting gutter that requires no maintenance, this is the one for you.
Click here to view this amazing system

If you have any questions; please call Bernard Hill at 087 6798 691 and I would be happy to assist.

Bernard Hill
Owner: Gutterman.ie

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Full replacement job in dublin

We done a full replacement job on Collins avenue this week. We started on Monday and finished today Thursday.
We removed all the wooden fascia and soffit, and replaced it with a heavy gauge PVC soffit and fascia. The client wanted to make sure not to just cover over the existing wooden fascia and soffit, but to remove it right down to the rafters, we also fitted underfelt support tray all round.
Visits our websites

Friday, November 19, 2010

Electric Gutters in Rathfarnham

We came across a strange thing today.. an electrified gutter, We were fitting black soffit fascia and gutters to a house in rathfarnham dublin and were asked by a neighbour to repair his gutter, when doing the repair one of the lads put his hand in the gutter and got an electric shock that nearly knocked him off the ladder.
the gutter and the water in it was live! what had happened was one of the electric cables going into one of the houses on the block must have connected to the metal gutters or downpipes and made the whole lot live, It's very dangerous and could cause a fire in the future if it's not fixed.
We told the owner if he smells fried chicken to check his gutters for dead birds.
Seriously it's a job for the esb.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

black aluminium gutters with black pvc fascia and soffit in dublin

We fitted black aluminium gutters to black pvc fascia and soffit in dublin today and it rurned out very well.
The colour matches well and the flat back on the gutter sits neatly against the pvc fascia.
I would recommend it
Try my website www.gutterman.ie Bernard Hill.

Black fascia soffit gutter in dublin

Today we fitted black PVC soffit fascia, black seamless aluminium gutter in clondalkin in Dublin.
It was on a semi detached house.
We used eavemaster soffit and fascia, and seamless gutters.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

white eavemaster gutters fascia and soffit in loughlinstown dublin

We completed this house in loughlinstown today.
We used white eavemaster pvc soffit, white eavemaster pvc fascia, and white eavemaster supreme pvc gutters.
the job took two men one day and a half to complete.
had a good bit of repair on the timberwork first, but the end result was worth it!
the customer is happy and that's the most important thing to us!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

gutters in rush co dublin

we fitted white eavemaster gutters, eavemaster fascia, and eavemaster soffit to this house in rush today saturday the 23rd of October 2010.
The job took us just one day, the owner was delighted with the job and that's what we aim for!
log on to our website at www.gutterman.ie for more info or call us on 087 6798 691

Friday, October 22, 2010

cowboys working in perrystown

You'd never guess what we came across today! We went to perrystown to replace gutters on a house.
you would never expect the sort of workmanship we came across.
The gutters were light pvc with a few brackets that were secured by one inch slab nails and were hanging off. the fascia was put on over the television cable and so was warped and loose.
the downpipes were fixed by "wait for it" slab nails into silicon! It's amazing how it was still up on the wall.
We pulled it all down and replaced it with white seamless aluminium gutters front and rear fixed with hidden hangers using 50mm wood screws.
and white upvc downpipes fixed by means of rawl plugs.

Gutters in glenageary

Spent two days in glenageary fitting White gutters soffit and fascia the house looks well,We fitted white pvc fascia to the front apex and the side and rear or the house at the upper eaves level, We also fitted fascia and gutters to the rear extension which was an odd shape so it was challenging, but having done most of the houses in the estate we managed ok.

Monday, October 18, 2010

cream aluminium fascia, black gutters

We had the pleasure to fit cream aluminium fascia and black seamless aluminium gutter to this fine house in mount anville road.
we used the ogee profile on the fascia to give it a tudor look.
check out the website at www.gutterman.ie

Friday, October 8, 2010

white seamless gutter on white pvc fascia and soffit in stillorgan dublin

We just finished a house in treesdale in stillorgan today,
It is a semi detached house with a glass conservatory out the rear which we had to negotiate.
We fitted white pvc soffit and white pvc fascia all round, and then we fitted white seamless aluminium gutters all round.
It looked well when it was finished and the client was delighted.www.gutterman.ie

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Soffit, fascia, gutters in portmarnock.

Just finished a house in portmarnock.
Customer is happy and that's all we ask.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

fitting eaves skirt or underfelt support tray.

We fitted underfelt support tray to a house today to solve the problem of "ponding" This occurs where the slack underfelt droops down behind the fascia causing a hammock for the rain water to pond in.
The rain water eventually rots the felt and then causes rot in the eaves.
The solution is to insert a rigid support tray either pvc or aluminium to support the felt from the rafter to the top of the fascia board and out into the gutter.
this work is unseen when finished and there are some out there conning people by pretending to fit these but only put them up under the tiles and not the felt. This can only be done by first pushing up the roof tiles, so make sure you know who you are dealing with and ensure it was in the price from the begining.
For more information contact Bernard on 087 6798 691 or visit the web site www.gutterman.ie

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

fitting white seamless gutters with gutter guard

We spent the day in loughlingstown today fitting white soffit and fascia, white seamless gutters with a gutter guard to prevent leaves and twigs clogging the gutters.
Before we done anything we replaced the rotten timber with new treated timber.
Here you can see the timber being replaced at a gable end.

Monday, September 6, 2010

fascia and soffit in loughlinstown

We are in the middle of replaceing fascia and soffit in loughlinstown today,
not much work done due to very bad weather.
Better luck tomorrow?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brown seamless aluminium gutter

Today we fitted brown eavemaster soffit, brown eavemaster fascia, and brown seamless aluminium gutter to a semi detached house in Clondalkin.
The house was getting a little weather beaten with the gable end getting battered by the elements and needed paining annualy.
It made sense to get the building protected from the weather and at the same time match the fascia and soffit with the brown windows and doors.
The job looked very well when finished and the client is delighted.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Doing it right first time makes sense

We traveled to templeogue today to re do a job that was done by others.
the client had a job of white soffit, fascia and gutters installed by a "company" who had knocked on his door.
Unfortunately the work was less than perfect and the materials used were cheap and poorly fitted, ending up with leaking and over flowing gutters.
The client was so annoyed that he warned his neighbours not to allow these people near their property.
He called us to ask us to re install decent materials with decent fittings that would last the test of time, and snow.
We removed all the existing soffit, fascia, gutters.
We also removed a cut down eaves skirt that was cut down and shoved under the tiles to fool the owner into thinking he was getting a professional job done.
Absolute scammers!
The clients are happy now, as you can see we fitted white eavemaster soffit, fascia. with a white seamless aluminium gutter to give a clean line with no joints or visible brackets.
We fitted the soffit and fascia using non rust fixings, and the gutter using hidden hangers with screws not the seven inch nails so ofter seen.
For more information Call the owner Bernard Hill on 087 6798 691, or email me at guttermancan@gmail.com, or visit the website at www.gutterman.ie

Friday, August 20, 2010

blue aluminium fascia, soffit, gutters in killester dublin

The last few days we spent fitting blue aluminium fascia, blue aluminium soffit, and blue aluminium gutters to a house in killester in dublin.
It was a large semi detached house with extensions to the rear so there was quite a bit of guttering to be done.
The blue aluminium soffit, fascia, gutters was unusual, it was a ral no 5007.
A bit like a police station blue.
We used a half round cast aluminium gutter and round downpipes.
It lookes well when finished and the owner is delighted.
For more information see the gutterman website at www.gutterman.ie or phone the owner; Bernard Hill at 087 6798 691.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

seamless gutters in ranelagh

Today we installed black upvc fascia, black upvc soffit and black seamless aluminium gutters in ranelagh dublin.
We had previously installed white aluminium soffit, white aluminium fascia and white aluminium seamless gutters to the neighbours house; so the word of mouth referance system works if you do a decent job.
The owner is very happy with the job and that is our aim every time.
Our website can be viewed at www.gutterman.ie and Bernard Hill the owner can be contacted on 087 6798691

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

cream fascia and soffit in Rathfarnham

Over the last few days you may have seen the Gutterman Vans around the rathfarnham area,
We had the pleasure of matching up cream windows in a house with cream upvc soffit and cream upvc fascia.
The job turned out well, the cream windows were a ral no 1009 and matched up perfectly with the cream fascia and cream soffit.
The owners were delighted and that's what makes it worthwhile.
For more information about cream upvc fascia, and cream upvc soffit call Bernard on 87 6798 691
or visit the website www.gutterman.ie

Thursday, August 5, 2010

gutterman news: replacement of fascia boards

gutterman news: replacement of fascia boards

replacement of fascia boards

This week we carried out a full replacement job on a semi detached house in dundrum.
We removed all the wooden fascia and soffit, and replaced the fascia with an 18mm solid white upvc fascia.
We replace the wooden soffit with a vented solid 10mm upvc soffit.
We fitted eave skirt to front and rear eaves, this is to ensure that any rain infiltration is directed into the gutter and does not end up soaking the rafters causing rot.

You can see in the image how the roof tiles are pushed back and the eave skirt or tray is pushed up under the roof felt.

Notice the thickness of the upvc fascia that is used in the full replacement work compared to the much thinner 10mm or 8mm upvc fascia used in the standard cap over job.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

repairing poor work

Today we spent most of the day repairing the work of others,
We were asked to replace the black pvc fascia on the gable end of a large house in Rathfarnham.

When we got there we could see that the black pvc fascia was fitted using inferior nails, It was not sealed against water infiltration and was hanging off and some had blown down.

What had happened was; the black pvc fascia had expanded with the heat of the sun, and because of the poor fixings it had warped and pulled on the nails,
The wind caught it then and broke it free to fly in the air landing in the garden.

We fitted new fascia using the proper fixings and sealing it against water infiltration.

This time it will stay up.
087 6798 691

Friday, July 30, 2010

setting up in artane

this is the gutterman fleet setting up to do a black pvc soffit and fascia with a black seamless aluminium gutter on a house in artane.
It is a normal semi detached house with a small extension at the rear, this type of house would normally take a day to do a cap over job on.
If a full replacement job was required it would take approximately three days.

white eavemaster supreme gutter on white eavemaster fascia

Today we fitted white eavemaster soffit and fascia with white eavemaster supreme gutters to a bungalow in palmerstown.
It was a job that need a lot of timber changing first but was handy because of the height.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No More Blocked Gutters

Here we see a black seamless aluminium gutter fitted with an integral leaf guard, this adds strength to the gutter as well as preventing leaves and debris building up in the gutter.
Supplied and installed by Gutterman.ie

leaf guard on gutter

blocked or leaking gutters? overflowing downpipes?
These can be caused by leaves and other debris landing on the roof and ending up in the gutter and blocking the outlets.
There is a solution! and one way is to fit a leaf guard when fitting new gutters or a leaf guard retro fitted onto existing gutters.www.gutterman.ie

Look no joints

Today we fitted one of the longest continueous gutters we have ever fitted, It was 70 feet long which is three times the length of the normal seme detached house.
As you can see it is formed in one long piece so there are no joints to worry about leaking in the future.
We fitted it with a leaf guard to prevent it clogging up in the future, The leaf guard also helps to strengthen the gutter as it's fitted as an integral part.

Monday, July 26, 2010

white seamless aluminium gutters in glencairn

This is the house we done today, We fitted white upvc eavemaster vented soffit, white upvc eavemaster 10mm fascia, white seamless aluminium gutters.
check out the website at www.gutterman.ie
or call Bernard Hill on 087 6798 691

Saturday, July 24, 2010

choosing soffit, fascia, guttering

A question we are most often asked is what would you recommend! The answer can be different for each type of house and the area in which it's located.
For instance; The first thing I tell the client is that we do all sorts and types of fascia, soffit, and gutters, We stock upvc fascia, aluminium fascia, upvc soffit, aluminium soffit, upvc gutters, aluminium gutters, cast aluminium gutters, cast iron gutters.
with dark coloured upvc gutters we often find over time that a gap has appeared between the joints, this is usually caused by the heat of the sun causing the upvc gutter to expand and contract making it creep from the joint, so sometimes the aluminium gutter is preferable in this case.

We also stock aluminium downpipes, cast iron downpipes, and upvc downpipes.
We hold such a stock so that we can give the client a choice without trying to sell any particular type, that way the client can choose without pressure and we can give an honest opinion.
For instance; a seamless aluminium gutter could be the correct choice where there is a long run of gutter required, because we can roll out the gutter to the correct length thereby removing the need for joiners which in turn removes the risk of leaks in the future.
On the other hand: if the house has several corners and short runs it might be desirable to use upvc gutters.
check out the website www.gutterman.ie

With soffit and fascia there is a choice of upvc or aluminium.
The advantage of upvc over aluminium in this case is that the upvc comes in 5 metre lengths therebye reducing the amount of joints as the aluminium fascia comes in three metre lengths.
however if the client wants a fascia that is environmentaly friendly then the aluminium fascia would be the choice as aluminium is a 100% re-cycleable material,
also the coloured aluminium never fades where the upvc can eventually fade especially the dark colours where they are exposed to the sun.
check out the website www.gutterman.ie

The aluminium soffit comes pre vented so that can be an advantage over the pvc, but the pvc does not conduct electricity so where there are cables it is preferrable.
If you have any questions about gutters, soffit,fascia, or would like a quote you can call Bernard Hill on 087 6798 691 or email guttermancan@gmail.com
check out the website www.gutterman.ie

Monday, July 19, 2010

Full replacement fascia and soffit

Full replacement of fascia and soffit with 18mm PVC is the permanent solution
To rotting boards.
Check out the website

rained off today try again tomorrow

We should be doing white upvc soffit and fascia with white eavemaster supreme upvc gutters on a house in firhouse today! But the weather this morning at seven o clock made it impossible.
We postponed it until tuesday weather permitting.
We will be using white eavemaster supreme fascia soffit and guttering because they are a perfect colour match and the gutters give a good seal.
Here's hoping the weather is kind to us tomorrow!
Bernard Hill
check us out at www.gutterman.ie

gutterman news: black seamless aluminium gutters on black pvc fascia

gutterman news: black seamless aluminium gutters on black pvc fascia

black seamless aluminium gutters on black pvc fascia

On saturday we fitted black seamless aluminium gutters onto black pvc fascia and the result was perfect, the advantage of the black seamless gutters is the colour fastness of the black compared to black pvc gutters.
because of the direct sunlight the pvc gutters would in time fade to a grey colour around the edges, where the aluminium keeps the colour permanently, Also the pvc comes in short lengths and is inclined to expand and contract with temperature change, and it can "creep" from the joiners causing leaks

Thursday, July 15, 2010

seamless in sandyford

Today we fit white seamless gutters to pvc fascia on a row of houses in sandyford.
it's a large run of houses so the seamless gutters will look very well.
I hope the weather stays kind to us.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rained on in Clondalkin

Today we had just to return to Bushfield in Clondalkin to finish off a house we started on friday but due to the weather we had to postpone until today.
It is a semi detached house with an apex roof with a small apex to the front also.
The client wanted white supreme upvc gutters to the front and rear upper levels.
It turned out well and the client is happy, and that's the most important thing to us.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

cowboys in artane

You would never quess what happened today, I get a call from a distressed client asking me to come over to his address in artane to price replaceing gutters on his house.
I agree a time and call over to see him.

when i arrive he points up to the eaves at the front of his and his neighbours house and says "look! no gutters, I had to threaten to call the police to get rid of them".

I new immediately what had happened, These guys knock on the door, say that they are doing your neighbours gutters and will do you a good deal while they are in the area.
They have also told the same story to your neighbour.

They then get a ladder and pull down some of the guttering so that theres no going back and you can't send them away, This is there way of intimidating you into letting them carry on instead of throwing them off your property.

This man threw them off his property but that left him and his neighbour without any gutters on the front of their houses, but he said he was uncomfortable with them on his property and would put it down to experience.

These people are just chancers trying to rip off unsuspecting home owners by offering "cheap" work.

Legitimate craftsmen have to abide by the law and have insurance and registration costs, pay vat and prsi, and people think they are saving money by hiring these cowboys!
I am posting a price to repair the damage caused and I bet I will be told I'm to dear!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Thank God for white pvc

Yet another white upvc house done today, It is by far the most popular.
I prefer the black gutter on white fascia board myself.
today was the eavemaster vented soffit, ogee moulded white fascia and the eavemaster supreme upvc gutter and downpipes.
It was a mid terrace house so it didn't take to long.
The customer was happy and that is the most important thing.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

portmarnock picture

Here is a photo of a couple of houses we worked on in ardilaun. White eavemaster soffit, fascia, and supreme guttering.
I find this combination is a perfect colour match, all of the materials are manufactured by the same company using the same colour code.
This leads to a perfect colour match every time.
The gutter joints have an excellent sealing quality and we prefer to use them rather than any other pvc gutter.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Passionate in Portmarnock

Today We finished up working on three semi detached houses in portmarnock, We first started on one house for our original customer and the neighbours were impressed with out work and our prices so we continued on to the remaining two.
All of them wanted white vented soffit, white ogee 10mm fascia with a white eavemaster supreme gutter.
Speaking to one of my customers he pointed out something that i should have remarked upon myself as I have also come across it on several occasions, That is the habit of some of these gutter installers to put screws through the downpipe to secure it to the gutter, This causes the build up of debris in the outlet leading to blocage and overflow. We at Gutterman.ie use pop rivets for this task. Its just another one of those unseen differances between proffessionals and cowboys.
Feel free to call Me with any query.

Bernard Hill

Monday, May 31, 2010

seamless aluminium gutters, clonsilla dublin

Today we went to clonsilla in dublin 15 to replace pvc gutters with seamless aluminium gutters,
The reason for this was that the pvc gutters were not fitted correctly and were of a poor quality, as a result the gutters sagged under pressure of dirt or snow, and were forming ponds of rain instead of draining the rain away.
We fitted a seamless aluminium gutter using hidden hangers fixed with adonised screws to ensure a long lasting fixing.
The customer had a conservatory out the back so we had to use a platform for access to the rear gutter.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hot In Howth

We spent a glorious three days in howth this week with the sun in out back,
The weather was really good for a change but sometimes it can be to hot to work.
We had a detached house on the summit to do in white pvc soffit and fascia and white eavemaster supreme pvc gutters and downpipes.
It turned out well and the customer is happy and that is the most important thing for us.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

seamless aluminium gutters

done a nice job using seamless aluminium gutters today, A good long run of 20 metres to front and rear of detached house.
We used the gutter guard to prevent leaves and add strength, It worked out quite well and the customer was very happy!.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

leaks in pvc gutters

We had a small job today, just a replacement of black pvc gutters with black seamless aluminium gutters.
the client was having problems with leaks at the joints of the black pvc gutters, This can occur when the pvc gutters are exposed to heat from the sun and expand, or even contract due to the cold, this causes the gutter to creep from the joints and leak.
the seamless gutter solves this problem because it is made to measure in one piece.
I hope this information is useful to someone.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

two housed in black pvc

my oh my, when you start off on a colour you get a run of it!
We have been doing quite a lot of black pvc and aluminium soffit, fascia and gutters these days.
We just finished another two houses in black on thursday.
The clients are very happy with the work and the guarantee we give.
the fact that we carry full insurance seems to be very important to our customers, it's probably due to the amount of claims rogue traders are claiming against home owners.
I remember i had to return to a customer to refit a gutter that was pulled off by a rogue trader, The customer told me the story, This guy knocked on the door and offered to paint her house, She said no she was going to work, When she came home from work the man was up a ladder on her house, She told him to get off her property and he duly came down the ladder: Fell the last few steps: grabbed the gutter on the porch and pulled it off.
Of course he said he had hurt his back and sued her for damages.
The moral of the story is 1. don't allow any door knockers on your property and always insist on seeing the insurance scedule of any contractor.
Bernard Hill
Owner of Gutterman.ie

Thursday, May 6, 2010

black aluminium gutters in the zoo

We have just finished three buildings in the city farm area of the zoo which is due to be opened in mid may 2010.
We used a black regular alluminium fascia and a vented black aluminium soffit.
We then fitted a 5 inch deep flow half round black aluminium gutter with a black heritage circular downpipe.
It looks quite well and will post pictures soon.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

house in clontarf

We completed a semi detached house in clontarf today.
We used black upvc soffit, black upvc fascia and black upvc guttering.
The owner was very happy with our workmanship and materials.
Tomorrow we fit black aluminium fascia and soffit with black aluminium gutters to buildings in dublin zoo.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

gutterman news: white pvc fascia soffit and gutters

gutterman news: white pvc fascia soffit and gutters

white pvc fascia soffit and gutters

today we fitted a white upvc soffit and fascia with a white supreme eavemaster gutter to a house on the navan road.
It looks well and blends in with the brown windows.

problems with gutters

Here is a problem we encountered today with gutters, It is not the first time and it's one to be aware of.
A block of houses say six in a row, there are two downpipes; one at each end of the block.
When they were first built there was no problem because the gutters were fitted to the whole block and so were fitted ( or should have been ) with the highest point in the middle and the fall going towards each downpipe.
this would allow the rainwater to flow towards the downpipes at both ends therefore keeping the gutters dry and free from dirt and weeds.
Now along comes a man offering to fit new gutters to the houses at the end of the block, They get new gutters of a different depth and profile and upset the level not caring or Knowing what problems are left for the neighbours in the middle of the block!
Suddenly their rainwater has nowhere to go?.
this happens all over the city and is destroying the appearance and effectiveness of the rainwater disposal systems of houses in estate's in the city.
the only solution "apart from removing and refitting the neighbours gutters is to put extra downpipes into the middle of the block and allow the rainwater to run into the garden or out onto the road if the driveway is sloping away from the house.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

black alutec aluminium gutters in sandymount

We fitted black pvc soffit and fascia with a black cast aluminium gutter and downpipe all round a house in sandymount castle drive today.
the customer is very happy.

Friday, April 23, 2010

black aluminium downpipes

today we used black heavy duty extruded aluminium on a building in leopardstown.
The client required something sturdy to protect against vandalism.
We fixed the black aluminium downpipe to the concrete with hidden fixings.

vandalproof or just vandal resistant

Today we had to fit new gutters and downpipes to ballyogan resource centre.
We were asked to fit a downpipe that would not be vandalised.
Unfortunately i think the more sturdy the fixture the more damage they cause to the building because they see this as a challenge.
I find the best deterrent is to paint everything with non drying paint, they think twice about getting the good levi's or cheeno's or nike gear destroyed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

white pvc soffit and fascia black seamless aluminium gutter in clonsilla

Today Victor and Stephen are in clonsilla repairing the timberwork and fitting white pvc soffit and fascia with black seamless aluminium gutter.
I delivered the goods to the site at 07.30 this morning and ran the gutter from the machine in the back of the truck, and left the lads at it while I visit the suppiers.
The weather is good so we should finish today.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

white pvc in lucan today 21st April

We just completed a white pvc job in lucan today.
It went very well, It was a semi D with a front apex and side apex. It also had a conservatory which we had to negotiate but we managed with the aluminium tower and had the job finished by 13.00hrs.
The Client is very happy and that's the main thing.


Monday, April 19, 2010

white soffit, fascia and gutters in firhouse dublin

Today we finished a house in firhouse, It is a semi detached house with a front porch and a rear extension.
It has a small apex on the front
It's in dodder valley court
We fitted proper gable box's to it and the customer is very happy with the job.
It took two of us one day to complete it, We started at 09.00 and finished at 17.00.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Types of Gutter

There are many different types of gutter, the most common gutters are the upvc gutters.
The best type of upvc gutter for the normal house is the eavemaster supreme gutter supplied by mfp in lucan. This is the only upvc gutter we recommnend for use on private dwellings as there are a number of inferior pvc gutters on the market that are not up to the job, they are likely to either warp from the heat of the sun or kink from the weight of snow or dirt in the gutter.
For houses with capacity problems such as houses with large roof span or steep pitch; there is a six inch deepflow gutter which is perfect for coping with large volumes of water.

Other types of gutter are: The american seamless aluminium gutter; This gutter comes in the form of a coil and is fed through a machine which is mounted on the back of the truck and a continuouse gutter is formed to the lenght of the house.this gutter is used where a continouse run is required without any joints and therefore reducing the risk of leaks.It is also the green alternative to plastic.

The cast iron gutter; This gutter is used on a lot of the old corporation houses around dublin and on the victorian houses, It is a very heavy gutter and is being replaced by the lighter cast aluminium gutter.

The snow gutter; This gutter is used where the fall of heavy snow can pull the plastic gutter down, this gutter has a cover on it that allows snow leaves twigs etc to roll over the gutter while the rain water runs into the gutter, It is manufactured under the trade name slip system, standing for snow, leaves, ice, protection.
We at Gutterman fit all types of gutter and we are happy to discuss the pro's and con's of all situations. Just call Bernard at 0035314572194 or 00353 876798691

Friday, April 16, 2010

finished in foxrock

just got back from big job in foxrock. We fitted white eavemaster soffit,white eavemaster fascia, and white seamless aluminium gutters.
The house was a challenge, it had several different shapes and different level rooflines.
It also had an octagon shaped roof on an extension which needed gutters.
The job took two days and the client is very happy having seen some of the work in the neighbourhood he was happy to have chosen Gutterman.
Bye for now, Bernard Hill.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

nightmare in lucan

What a morning! We went over to start this job at 10.30 am which is a late start because the customer could not open up before that time.
I thought well at least if the weather is good we can work late to finish it.

two hours later the client tells us he has to go and can not leave us here working on our own, I thought! this fella is winding us up" No he was serious, He wanted us to come back at five o clock and start again.

I cut my losses and left to go to another job usins cast aluminium in skerries.
What a waste of a day. I am glad it doesn't happen to often.
The Lesson:
Get everything in writing!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

gutters in lucan

off to lucan this morning to fit white pvc soffit and fascia to a public building in lucan.
will fit black seamless aluminium gutters to this because it is a stand alone building with two long runs of forty feet so the one piece gutter is ideal for this job.
It will have no joints so there is no chance of a leak in the future.
We fit the gutter using "hidden hangers" these hangers are not visible from the outside and are fitted using screws so they don't leave a nail mark on the outside and they won't work there way loose



job done

Well just got back from pricing in naas, the house has birds in the rafters, jackdaws building nests and chiping away at the soffit and fascia boards making the hole even bigger and exposing the rafters to the elements.
If it's not sorted soon the rafters will become rotten and start to develop wet rot and that means a much bigger and more costly job.
Heading down to naas now to price a guttering job. The client wants a gutter that can withstand snow loading, as he lost his gutters after the last snowfall. I recommend he use out snow gutter, It is designed to allow snow and leaves to slide over while still catching the rainwater.
This is Guttermans first Blog so hello out there! I am here to inform you of all things gutter.
I am asked about these pretty standard things every day, Like what would you recommend' which is the best and so on.
I set this up so that I can post your comments as I get them, and so keep you informed.

Thanks Bernard.