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Saturday, May 8, 2010

two housed in black pvc

my oh my, when you start off on a colour you get a run of it!
We have been doing quite a lot of black pvc and aluminium soffit, fascia and gutters these days.
We just finished another two houses in black on thursday.
The clients are very happy with the work and the guarantee we give.
the fact that we carry full insurance seems to be very important to our customers, it's probably due to the amount of claims rogue traders are claiming against home owners.
I remember i had to return to a customer to refit a gutter that was pulled off by a rogue trader, The customer told me the story, This guy knocked on the door and offered to paint her house, She said no she was going to work, When she came home from work the man was up a ladder on her house, She told him to get off her property and he duly came down the ladder: Fell the last few steps: grabbed the gutter on the porch and pulled it off.
Of course he said he had hurt his back and sued her for damages.
The moral of the story is 1. don't allow any door knockers on your property and always insist on seeing the insurance scedule of any contractor.
Bernard Hill
Owner of Gutterman.ie

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