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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fascia and soffit full Replacement Procedure. Some people insist on having a full replacement of soffit and fascia on their house in the belief that anything else is a waste. Here is what is involved in a full replacement. • First of all we scaffold the building • We then strip off all the wooden soffit and fascia boards so that the roof rafters are exposed. • We then remove or push up the bottom two rows of roof tiles and fit what should be on most houses but never is; an underfelt support tray that prevents ponding behind the fascia boards, this is probably the most important and yet unseen addition to the house as it prevents most of the damp patches in bedroom and bathroom problems. (We also fit this in a proper cap over job) • We then repair and prepare the rafters to accept the new solid pvc soffit board and 18mm fascia board in replacement for the timber boards. • We then fit the new guttering and rain water pipes, re-fit the roof tiles and seal all joints. • The full replacement job is complete now and will last a lifetime of maintenance free weather protection. To view a video of this operation please go to our website www.gutterman.ie Fascia and Soffit the Cap Over Job The cap over job if carried out properly is equally as effective and a fraction of the cost of the Full Replacement Job. It can be a waste of money if not done properly. Here is an outline of what is involved in a proper cap over job… • First of all remove the existing gutters. • Check timber fascia for rot and cut out the rot back two rafters from the rot and replace that timber with new timber, making sure to find a rafter with the fixings • Remove or push up the first two rows of roof tiles and fit the underfelt support tray to the eaves, this prevents ponding in the eaves which can lead to damp walls inside the house • Then we drill ventilation holes in the existing wooden soffit and then cap over with 10mm pvc hollow vented soffit and 10mm pvc fascia board. • Than we follow the same procedure as the full replacement job by fitting the gutters and downpipes, and sealing any joints. To view a video of this operation please go to our website www.gutterman.ie
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fascia and soffit in stillorgan

We fitted white eavemaster soffit and fascia with white seamless gutters to a house in Belmont stillorgan today.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

White soffit and fascia in clondalkin.

Today we fitted white eavemaster soffit and fascia to a house in monastery gate clondalkin Dublin.
We used seamless aluminium gutters.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just the front?

This morning we fitted white soffit and fascia to the front only of a house in lucan.
This is all the owner wanted done.
It's really penny wise pound foolish!
The purpose if the PVC is to protect the roofline from the extremes of the weather.

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Black soffit and fascia

We fitted black PVC soffit and fascia in clontarf today, with a black seamless gutter all round.

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White fascia in lucan

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