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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

fitting eaves skirt or underfelt support tray.

We fitted underfelt support tray to a house today to solve the problem of "ponding" This occurs where the slack underfelt droops down behind the fascia causing a hammock for the rain water to pond in.
The rain water eventually rots the felt and then causes rot in the eaves.
The solution is to insert a rigid support tray either pvc or aluminium to support the felt from the rafter to the top of the fascia board and out into the gutter.
this work is unseen when finished and there are some out there conning people by pretending to fit these but only put them up under the tiles and not the felt. This can only be done by first pushing up the roof tiles, so make sure you know who you are dealing with and ensure it was in the price from the begining.
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  1. GUTTER GUARDS, It's great that there are now good service providers you can always call in time of repairs and installation like this.