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Thursday, April 29, 2010

problems with gutters

Here is a problem we encountered today with gutters, It is not the first time and it's one to be aware of.
A block of houses say six in a row, there are two downpipes; one at each end of the block.
When they were first built there was no problem because the gutters were fitted to the whole block and so were fitted ( or should have been ) with the highest point in the middle and the fall going towards each downpipe.
this would allow the rainwater to flow towards the downpipes at both ends therefore keeping the gutters dry and free from dirt and weeds.
Now along comes a man offering to fit new gutters to the houses at the end of the block, They get new gutters of a different depth and profile and upset the level not caring or Knowing what problems are left for the neighbours in the middle of the block!
Suddenly their rainwater has nowhere to go?.
this happens all over the city and is destroying the appearance and effectiveness of the rainwater disposal systems of houses in estate's in the city.
the only solution "apart from removing and refitting the neighbours gutters is to put extra downpipes into the middle of the block and allow the rainwater to run into the garden or out onto the road if the driveway is sloping away from the house.

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